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lostinthesubconscious said: No way! Haha I wanted to say hi but didn't think that you would remember me haha. I met you in line in Ventura last year to see All Time Low. Yeah I'm going to see The Story So Far in October up in Santa Barbara. What about you??

I do! You were there with your girlfriend and we met someone named Mina and we talked to Zack as a group together! I do haha! And I’m seeing them too! But in Pomona 😁

I honestly need to get my life together before I focus on friends, school, anything. I’m a wreck and it’s time I pick up the pieces.

Please don’t mind me taking the next few months to focus on MYSELF for once versus anything else. I need a clear head before I move on to anything.

'If you never break, you'll never know how to put yourself back together.'
- ‘Late Nights In My Car’ by Real Friends